Top Five 7 Seater Cars to Buy if You Have a Big Family

Top Five 7 Seater Cars

The demand for 7 seater cars will never go away in a country like India, where family is the most important thing. Whether you choose a spacious MUV or SUV, you can have a great time bonding with your family. Road trips or weekend getaway travel plans are sorted. 

If you want to buy a spacious car for your family, then take a look at the top five 7 seater cars that you can buy in India:

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is one of the most affordable 7 seater cars which scores excellent on space and practicality. The car’s flexi seating options allow you to accommodate additional passengers when the need arises. The MUV vehicle even possesses great safety features.

Maruti Ertiga 

Despite the size of the car, its lightweight construction makes it perfect to drive on city lanes just as well on highways. The car’s interiors don’t feel cramped at all, a common woe when travelling with larger groups. It also has a 7-inch infotainment display that will make the ride fun. 

Renault Triber

The stellar combination of comfort, practicality and great features at an affordable price makes Renault Triber one of the best 7 seater cars. 

This MUV has an 8-inch infotainment system. Renault Triber’s modern design with LED headlamps, chrome finishes, and skid plates makes it an incredibly attractive car. The car has two additional airbags (driver, passenger, and front sides) to maximise safety. Its fuel-efficient engine gives you 20 kmpl mileage. 

Toyota Innova Crysta

Toyota Innova Crysta was initially designed to be an 8 seater vehicle. Now, the extra space that the car offers makes it one of the favourite 7 seater cars available in the market. The car has great premium features such as a large infotainment system, Bluetooth connectivity, ambient lighting, automatic climate control, parking camera, cruise control, and adjustable driver seat. 

The MUV has great safety features, including three front airbags and vehicle stability control. With modern design and additional features, it ensures great comfort to the passengers. 

Mahindra Marazzo

Mahindra Marazzo is known for its durable build and unique design and the aerodynamic design and modern cabin layout is a feast for the eyes. Finally, its robust and reliable 1.5-litre diesel engine ensures a power-packed performance. 

Mahindra Marazzo

Although it is smaller than Toyota Innova Crysta, it provides ample room. The adjustable driver seat and leatherette upholstery make it a great purchase. 

Kia Carnival

If you are looking for a luxurious and spacious car, Kia Carnival will be your ideal choice. As the car offers a seating capacity for 7-9 adults, it is one of the best 7 seater cars. 

You will have a great driving experience in this luxurious MUV. It has premium features such as a dual sunroof, 6-speaker sound system, and automatic transmission of 8-speed. 


These are the top five 7 seater cars to buy if you have a big family. Take your pick to travel with your entire family comfortably to weddings, get-togethers, and other events.

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