Top Most Reasons to Buy Hero Bikes in 2022

Hero Bikes

Hero MotoCorp is a highly renowned and one of the leading auto manufacturers in India. Also rated as the largest two wheeler maker across the globe, it records great sale numbers year or year.  Hero bikes released its sales report for the month of October 2021 with its exports increasing to 20,191 units from 15,711 units sold in October 2020.

Hero MotoCorp currently features a great portfolio of bikes across sports as well as commuter segments. So far it has sold over 75 million two-wheelers and in 2022, it aims to come up with newer models to please its client base which is expanding across the globe. Buyers who are interested in owning a bike this year can check Hero bikes at Droom online shortlist the options of best buys both in new and used cars segment. The portal facilitates easy and quick comparison between a maximum of 3 vehicles in a single go. Comparison with respect to specifications, history, make, and price is now a simplified task as well.

Why should you consider buying Hero bike in 2022?

This question is quite common for buyers who face a difficult time sorting through their options. Hero bikes are expanding in portfolio size and are reaching every corner of this peninsular subcontinent. However, its market dominance is non questionable, but to dig deeper there are various reasons that make Hero MotoCorp the leading Indian brand in the two-wheeler segment. Also, according to Statista stats, Sales Volume of Hero MotoCorp company is increasing gradually from year 2015 to 2021. There are several reasons why people prefer buying a Hero bike over any other auto brand which clearly reflects in the soaring sales numbers recorded by this automobile brand over past decades. Let’s take a look at these:


It is distinguished as the only Indian brand which is quite consistent in offering a large variety of products which are suitable for people of all age groups, youngsters to adults. It has a specialised bend on manufacturing geared bikes, but it also produces two wheelers such as Hero Maestro and Pleasure that are simple to ride and do not require frequent shifting of gears. This way the buyers are offered a huge selection with respect to design and features suiting their respective needs and budgets.

For all pockets

With such a huge variety of bikes comes a distinct range of pricing as well. An aspect which makes Hero an unrivalled leaders is that it provides quality bikes at nominal prices. The cost can go as low as Hero Pleasure and can reach as high as Hero ZMR, offered with their own quality features without compromising on performance.

Superior Quality

Garnering a name as big as Hero MotoCorp doesn’t come easy. Offering superior quality bikes that are teamed up with extended warranties, Hero has assured its client base that they have way more than just taking two wheels at home. It also provides free services and quality checks from time to time and conducts multiple level checks on each product before it reaches the showroom and the customer.

A-grade Customer Services

Best products must always be backed by unfailing customer services and Hero MotoCorp delivers both without compromise. It offers quick and satisfactory after sales services. With a vast number of service centres established across the country, the services related to repair, quality check and finance are all dealt without putting customers on hold for long.

Hero Bikes

Let’s Check Out Some Upcoming Hero Bikes in 2022

If your heart is set on buying a Hero bike this year, here is a list unveiling some of the upcoming models that the brand is all set to launch. These Hero bikes are listed along with their expected prices just to provide a list for easy selection. Hero is also bent on adding more and more electric vehicles to its existing portfolio looking at the futuristic plans of Automobile industry. Let’s take a look at these:

Bike ModelTentative Price
Hero Xtreme 200RINR 93,400
Hero Electric ScooterINR 80,000
Hero XF3RINR 1.85 Lakh
Hero Xtreme 160S1.08 Lakh
Hero 450 ADVINR 2.20 Lakh
Hero eMaestroINR 1 Lakh

Above mentioned are the top-most reasons that prove that choosing a Hero Bike for you is the best option and can be your best decision. So, if you are thinking to buy a new bike this year and without any second though explore the hero bike models and choose the best for you.

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