The best scenic routes for electric cars

Electric car routes

The carbon emissions produced by the automotive sector have came up against barrels of criticism in recent times, from environmental groups and European governments alike. These discussions have prompted manufacturers to revise traditional forms of motoring and consider new alternatives, one of which is the all-electric alternative to existing harmful fuels such as petrol and diesel. The perception of electric vehicles is set to evolve, with a steer towards conserving the earth’s finite resources and reducing harmful gaseous emissions.

In an EV, the typical weekend road trip could require slightly more planning than usual. However,frequent EV charger installation across the country implies that a change is on the horizon, as it becomes increasingly accessible. Choose one of these great all-electric journeys and enjoy a new kind of motoring.

The B4425 Cirencester

CirencesterBeginning on the far-flung borders of Cirencester, the B4425 stretches out into north-west Gloucestershire, meaning it is easily mistaken as being just another country road. Travelling over the peaks, bends and troughs is reminiscent of being on a rollercoaster, and the road tours through the picturesque villages of Barnsley and Bibury. Plug-in points can be found in both villages, so why not enjoy a cup of tea while you wait? Once you are all charged up, take to the B4225 once again and enjoy seamless, quieter driving amidst a tranquil backdrop.

The A66: The Lake District

A66 The Lake DistrictTake to one of the country’s most scenic spots.The Lake District is owned by the National Trust and it is home to many unrivalled idyllic routes. The A66 runs through numerous towns throughout the area, so take a break to recharge in Keswick, Skiddaw, or Bassenthwaite or enjoy a slice of traditional Kendal mint cake and plug in before driving on the road which overlooks Lake Windermere. With endless panoramic views and breath-taking scenery, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to planning an all-electric route.

The A830, Fort William

Fort-WilliamNowhere is off-limits for electric cars, and the journey out to the Scottish isles demonstrates this perfectly. With a string of plug-in points to choose from, why not head towards Fort William on the A830 and take in the fresh air of Loch Eilt? The road travels through realms of turquoise waters and sandy beaches, so your journey will feel like a tropical escape towards the Highlands. Once you’re fully charged, you can take to the Nevis Mountain range and visit Ben Nevis, the highest mountain on the British Isles. Venture up on a summer’s day and drive beneath acrystal-clear sky and embrace the rugged natural landscape from the comfort of your electric vehicle.

The A675, Bolton

A675-BoltonDrive all the way to Blackburn on this road and enjoy an abundance of charging points while on route. A perfect alternative to the mundane M61/M65 journey, you’ll encounter a whole host of stunning views of the West Pennine Moors. The landscape is full of un-spoilt character, a haven for any modern driver looking to avoid tedious motorways. The real sights emerge slowly as you weave further along the road, and there will be a glimpse of Bromley Cross and Eagley as they are nestled above the base of the valley. Enjoy a driving experience which is as tranquil as the surroundings, an electric car steers through the rugged, bending roads quietly. As your road trip draws to a close, you will be driving past Belmont alongside the reservoir, a final therapeutic touch before rejoining the M65.

The B6320, Northumberland National Park

Northumberland-National-ParkFor a truly magical setting for your electric road trip, opt for the Northumberland National Park. Leave the A68 behind at Otterburn and drive through to Bellingham, then, when you have recharged, continue on to Stannersburn and stop off at local beauty spot — Kielder Water. A hub for nature, travelling through Kielder will make for a stunning Sunday morning venture. Scale the border between England and Scotland and go full circle by turning back on yourself and recharging at the Whitelee Moor National Nature Reserve.

To plan a successful electric road trip, map out nearby charging points and be mindful of your mileage. The UK has pledged that by 2030, electric and hybrid models will account for more than half of all car sales. Recharge your expectations of the standard weekend road trip with a new efficient fuel alternative… Enjoy the scenic route with an electric vehicle.  In the rare event that your car technology does fail, you may also want to think about investing in inspection lighting so that you can quickly identify the problem.

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