The Definitive Hyundai i10 Review

The Hyundai i10 is a good-looking affordable car wrapped up in a  package with maximum performance. TW White & Sons is  proud to introduce the new Hyundai i10. This stylish five-door hatchback is manufactured in India and is exceptionally elegant for a small car suitable for city driving. Both automatic and manual transmissions are available. TW White & Sons will have the new i10 available for test-driving on January 23rd at the Weybridge branch. To learn more visit their website. Since 2007, Hyundai engineers are focusing on creating an economical, yet solid performance vehicle that would allow Hyundai to gain market share, quickly.

Hyundai i10Ecologically Safe and Sound

Advanced functions and enhanced safety features have been built in with an eye toward outclassing rival carmakers. In the Hyundai i10 You have a choice between diesel and petrol engines. The European model 1.2 L are environmentally friendly with low emissions of 108 g/km for the manual transmission, and 129 g/kg for the automatic, which are not just good for the environment, but for your road tax bill as well. The anti-lock braking system works intelligently to prevent skidding, while enabling safer and more controlled braking. Hyundai has also included electronic brake force distribution, meaning sensors are used to determine changing road conditions and adjust the balance of the brakes accordingly; an obvious safety advantage in a country whose weather changes so regularly!

Hyundai i10 Hyundai i10

A Small Car That’s Big on Style

Sleek, chrome-lined headlamps, clear-lens fog lamps and upswept rear window panes all come together to create a highly stylish car that is becoming a favourite among car lovers. If you’re interested in even more high-end detailing, go for the top of the line versions that include a chrome-lined boot handle and integrated roof spoiler. Taller drivers will enjoy the additional knee space afforded by the ergonomic interior. Everyone gets more shoulder room as well since the width has been expanded by 70mm compared to previous models. Flanking the plastic dashboard is a stylish white speedometer, temperature control, and fuel gauges. Placing the gear lever into the centre console has provided additional space for add-ons and the optional radio or CD player.

Hyundai i10 Hyundai i10

Safety Evaluations

The Hyundai i10 has received some of the highest safety ratings available in its class from the Euro NCAP crash test, earning a remarkable 4 star rating for adult and child passengers. Thanks to EBD, ABS and an array of safety features the ratings for child occupancy have soared to an impressive 37 points. An electronic stability control to detect wheel slip and apply the brakes when needed is also an optional extra.


Local and international media have showered accolades on the Hyundai i10. The model is only two years old and has been awarded the “car of the year” award from three international sources. Winning plentiful awards of all sorts from around the globe is sure to put Hyundai’s smaller, city-driver friendly models into the “must have” category, along with its already popular, heavier models.

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