Top 6 Most Anticipated Cars for 2014

Gearheads be warned: The coming year is jam packed with awesome new car models we’re certain you’re going to love. Whether you’re a sports car fiend or a soccer mom toting around a gaggle of tots, one of these cars is sure to be perfect for you. So let’s gaze into our crystal ball to pull up some clues as to what 2014 has to offer the auto world.

1. 2014 Audi RS4 Avant

When it comes to car manufacturers, Audi really knows what they’re doing, and the RS is the best of the best. The previous RS4 models have ranked extremely high on almost everyone’s car wish list, and the 2014 RS4 will be no exception.

2014 Audi RS4 Avant

It’s expected to get a minimum of 450 hp, as well as a 4.2 liter V8 engine that generates around 450 PS and 430 Nm of raw, unbridled power. It’s not just what’s under the hood that’s getting people stoked. The high performance sedan and coupe models feature a sleekly brilliant exterior and luxury interior.

2. 2014 C7 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

If you’re into powerful muscle cars, then the brand-new C7 Corvette by Chevy is right up your alley. The new model is constructed like an aircraft and has a three-rail space frame that GM patented, with greater improvements than the C5.

C7 Chevrolet Corvette StingrayThe streamlined body is made for speed, and the single-piece, lift-off roof remains a standard on the coupe, a Corvette tradition since 1984.

3. 2014 BMW i3

The world is moving in a different direction when it comes to car preferences. Huge and bulky mini vans and trucks that consume huge amounts of gas are a thing of the past. Now more and more people are preferring to invest in smaller autos that have great gas mileage.

2014 BMW i3

BMW has caught on to the mini car trend and is now manufacturing the i3, a totally adorable compact hatchback that’s made from lightweight material and super-durable carbon fiber. It’s also the company’s first all-electric car and has a 100-mile range. These cars are going to be sold in limited quantity, so scoop one up fast for $45,000.

4. Acura TL

If you’re a family man, then look no further than the safe and sexy Acura TL to keep your loved ones safe on the road. The luxurious cabin has top-of-the-line safety technology, and the 305 horsepower engine will keep you from feeling old as you drive the kiddies to soccer practice.

Acura TL

5. Cadillac CTS

While we’re on the topic of safe and reliable cars for the family, check out the all-new Cadillac CTS. Starting at about $46,025, this model has a sharper look and is stuffed with new technology. If you’re seeking a luxury cruiser that’s the perfect family mobile, keep the Cadillac CTS in your radar.

 Cadillac CTS

6. Aston Martin Vanquish

This car is equipped with a brand-new 5.9 liter V-12 engine and a lower and lighter body frame, which gives it the perfect combo of speed and power. The company states that the Vanquish can get up to 60 miles per hour in 4.1 seconds and it tops out at 183 mph. The car’s cabin is surprisingly spacious and the cockpit has been extended for less of a cocooning effect.

Aston Martin Vanquish

Whatever car you choose to get, keep it running like new by having it serviced by professionals. There are many expert car service dealers that have a professional and knowledgeable staff who will take the utmost care of your vehicle and keep it running soundly for years to come.

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