5 Must have Essentials For Your Car

Essentials for Road Trip

Be it a road trip with your best friends or just a regular day commute from your home to office. Your car must always be equipped with some items that can make or break your journey. Not to forget, even help you come out of any misfortunate situation. Here are some essentials which you must give a thought to and include them in every car journey you take:

1. Your favourite music

Once upon a time you used to listen to music through CDs and then their sales suffered a huge loss when radios came in action. You got to listen to the latest tracks without paying money. But now in a span of 30 minutes, you get to hear only 3 songs and one of them is always pathetic! Treating yourself to music of your choice can help you overcome a bad day and make even the long traffic bearable. Hear blasting music on rainy day and take a long trip in your car. Ensure that you have good quality stereos in your car. 

Music in cars

2. Sun shades

Imagine you and your family spontaneously decided to take a road trip on a pleasant day but within 2 hours of your journey, the weather got inflicted with the scorching of sun. Although you can’t do anything to change the weather, one brilliant thing to you can do to escape the rays hitting from your face is using quality sun shades. Even the effect of ACs starts to wear down if the sun is constantly smiling upon you. Always have at least 4-5 pairs with you when travelling. UV protection ones are the best as they provide an extra layer of protection for your skin. 

Sunshades for cars

3. Emergency survival kit

No! I am not talking about the kit that involves medicines and Band-Aids but about the kit which will tackle your beauty woes. A sudden trip to the beach with your friends or an unexpected movie date will require extra efforts on your part. Keep things like mat, deodorant, umbrella, towel, cleansing wipes, water bottle, sunscreenand bottle opener in that survival kit. Always keep yourself ready and you will be frequently saying “Yes” to sudden events instead of saying “No.”

4. First aid kit

Now comes the even more important kit i.e. First aid kit. You never know when you might land in a minor accident or any other unpleasant situation. Or you or your family member might just suffer from some stomach ache. To keep things in control, always have a first aid kitin your car. A first-aid kit should have band-aids, medicines, adhesive tape, antiseptic cream, cold compress,bandages, tweezers, ointments or other things particular to your family. Prevention is always better than cure.

first aid kit

5. Power bank charger

Because being caught in an unfamiliar area with a dead phone in hands can be very frightening! Your phone is used for so many purposes which can easily make its battery low or even die. With a power bank charger by your side always, you can charge your phone, camera, tablet or any other electronic device. Most of them are sleek and compact and fit easily even in your pocket. Always keep one in your car and never worry again about losing touch with your loved ones.

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