Fun Vii Concept

The Toyota Fun Vii Concept is not like other concept cars with some custom paint jobs or vinyl graphics. It’s far beyond what one can imagine for a car. Fun-Vii represents Japanese automaker’s vision for the future wherein the people, cars and society are all linked. With the official photos of the car released, one can clearly see what the car is all about.

Fun Vii Concept

The uniqueness of this car lies in the face that it can display images both on the inside as well as outside with the same ease as downloading an application.  The Fun Vii Concept can display images, custom messages, flashy graphics and lots more on the exterior and can provide ambient lighting inside to match the mood of moment for the occupants inside.

Fun-Vii Concept Fun-Vii Concept

Other than these the Fun Vii Concept includes a cabin that can accommodate three people, a network update function that helps to keep all the software up to date, and a variety of themes and an extended reality function taking place to replace the traditional navigation system. The concept also has a memory of its own which enables the Fun Vii to interact with both your smart phone as well as other road users, adding both a safety and social element to the driving experience.

Fun-Vii Concept 

Even though one cannot expect a price or release date for such a concept, it would be amazing to see the software updates, touch sensitive surfaces and networked driving incorporated into a future car like the Fun Vii Concept.

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