DTM driver survives horror Crash

DTM driver survives horror Crash

An Audi DTM driver has survived a horrific racing smash after his A4 was sent barrel-rolling through the air. Watching the footage, it’s frankly amazing he walked away, but he did. Another victory for modern crash-testing.

Alexandre Premat’s Audi A4 DTM car was clipped by Maro Engel and then sent careering into the grass where it hit a wall at the end of the opening lap at Adria.

However, the car appeared to dig into the ground as it was sent off, and launched it into the air, rolled several times and eventually came to a rest up against the wall.

Frenchman Premat climbed out of the cockpit unaided and was immediately checked out on the side of the circuit by a doctor. Audi Sport boss Wolfgang Ullrich later urged caution regarding Premat’s condition, after he was sent for further checks at the hospital.

Source: Top Gear

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