Streamline your life

The best thing about moving. The thing about things that you need is that you use them. You obviously don’t need them if you don’t use them. That seems like a logical correlation, doesn’t it? When you move, you should make a few piles of things. The “I need this! ” pile, the “I want this” pile, and finally, the “Do I really need or want this? ” pile. Take everything from that last pile and give it away. Have got a yard sale with the stuff of value, and everything else goes right to the Goodwill store. Don’t ponder over it, just do it, and I promise you you’ll feel an invisible weight off the shoulders immediately.


The Yard Sale

This is a fun way to meet your neighbors that you will be just about to make and abandon some money at the same time! Put up signs throughout the neighborhood and don’t forget to post that you’re developing a yard sale on Craigslist. People patrol that site all the time in hopes to get some real gems, and you’ll definitely increase flow to your house and the stuff you’re trying to sell if you this.


When you’re done with that, re-access all things in the pile of wants and reconsider what you actually want and what you can do without. Get rid of all the stuff you can do without. If you’ve done this properly, you’re left with simply the important belongings that make you who you are. You’ve cut all the fat off a great steak and you’re left with merely the part that you simply wanted to order anyway. Now it is time for the move.

Rent a truck

Specifically, rent an Avon truck. Avon does a great job at knowing exactly what you’ll need and how to best accommodate your stressfully shrinking budget. They already have trucks and vans of all sizes and know exactly what add-ons and equipment you’ll need to protect your favorite piece of furniture and your back when lugging that piece of furniture into your new home. They can even hook you up with companies to help you load in or out of the truck. Not all of us can afford to get movers to complete everything, throughout us, there’s Avon. Go to either lift gate truck rental or AvonRents and simplify!

Moving isn’t supposed to be fun, but it is supposed to get you in the path you want to be on. Whether it be for romantic or professional reasons, or if you just need to make some changes, keep your move simple and simplify your way of life.

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