5 Tips to Clean Your Car like a Pro

Clean your car like a pro

After all the pounding your car experience for you, it’s okay if it gets dirty and messy. But is it fair to keep it that way? If you are one of those people who absolutely abhor dropping their car to the service station and wait for hours until it gets out all clean and shiny, you should clean your car yourself. Let’s have a look at some car cleaning tips:

Say no to detergents:

When washing your car at home, don’t use detergents or dish soaps. They’ll absorb the oil from your car’s paint. Loss of important oils will make your car’s appearance dull and lustreless. So, use only the conditioners and soaps made specifically to clean cars.

do not use detergents

Clean your car seats:

Don’t just wipe your leather seats with a wet cloth, buy an aloe conditioner from the mall. It will prevent your car’s leather seats from cracking and keep them shiny.

Details matter:

When cleaning your car, the small nooks and corners are the most difficult to clean, and hence they matter the most. Buy a detailing brush and brush out the dirt from corners, door panels, the fan, air vents and AC. Clean the dashboard too. Use hard scrubs and brushes to clean the carpets. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt you’ve pulled out.

good interiors

If it doesn’t smell good, it’s not clean:

All your efforts will go down the drain if your car smells of different food items or a tobacco factory. Use a good aerosol spray to kill all the nasty smells. When your car’s interior is odorless, use a subtle car air refresher for a nice welcoming feel about your car.

bad odours in car

Squeaky clean windscreen, windows and mirror:

You might not feel the glass needed any cleaning until you clean it and see a clear change. Don’t use glass cleaners with Ammonia, as they will damage the instrument panels. Buy a cleaner that says “Ammonia-free”, and clean your car’s mirrors and windows with it. Clean the dirt off the edges too, because like I said before, details matter! If any part of the car needs replacement, www.autoDOC.fi is the best place make a purchase.

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